S & A Corporation

Our embroidery section represented as ‘S & A Corporation’, a 100% export oriented embroidery factory is enriched with experienced professionals and skilled workers along with well furnished set up of equipments and machineries which is only scheduled for dayshift production. Also, we are 100% compliance factory and equipped with the top class branded machineries: TAJIMA, JINTEL, FEIYUE and the Needle we use Orange, made in Korea.

At a glance

Production Capacity

per day 15000 (Per Design 5000 Stitch).

Floor facilities

We have 24 hours electric facilities, fully tiled, surrounding glassed windows, sufficient air ventilation, Conference & Showroom, sufficient display centers, alternate emergency stair provision, full time free medical & first aid, modern fire detection, alarm & rescue system, all together planned set up provides an excellent working environment.